Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn

Here is a simplistic diagram showing the Tree of Life
with its basic set of classical correspondences

        Through the process of initiation we begin our ascent upward on the Tree. We must purify and learn deeply of the four elements first. Then we must learn to coordinate the four elements under the rulership of Spirit. The process of the elemental initiations changes our microscopic sphere of sensation to a given element on a daily basis. We then learn of the rewards and challenges of that element. Only initiation can concisely bring about these necessary changes in the microcosm. 

        The paths on the Tree of Life are the archetypal aspects of our Microcosm, whereas the Sephiroths are considered macrocosmic. This diagram is basic showing the elemental nature of each sephiroth: 

Zelator - Malkuth - Earth, 1 = 10. 
Theoricus - Yesod - Air, 2 = 9. 
Practicus - Hod - Water, 3 = 8. 
Philosophus - Netzach - Fire, 4 = 7. 

        Keep in mind the Golden Dawn only comprises the grades from 0 = 0 to 4 = 7. Higher Grades are achieved through a completely different Order known as the Second Order. The Paths show the Hebrew letter with its Tarot counterpart and heavenly influence. In its simplicity this diagram of the Tree of Life is the backdrop for all work of mastery and development in the Outer Order and above.

Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn