Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn


Flying Roll XXXII
Theban Letters

Issued by N.O.M.

In the Flying Roll which explains the Yetziratic formation of an image of Adonai ha-Aretz it will be noted that the name is written upon the girdle in Theban characters. Many members having asked for this alphabet, I now issue this roll to furnish the required knowledge.Here follows a table of Theban letters, as found in Barrett's The Magus, on the plate facing p. 64 of Book II,

These letters are recorded by Peter of Abano, also called Petrus di Appone who derived fiDm Honorius the Theban. This Hononus is said by many to have been a Pope. There have been four Popes named Honorius, but neither of them was called Theban Peter of Abano flourished circa A.D. 1300. This Alphabet is found in Cornelius Agrippa's Works and in Barrett's Magus.

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