Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn


Flying Roll III

  1. If you are leaving home, or will be away, or if there be any reason why these messages should not be sent to you-you must inform the member from whom you receive messages.
  2. Messages are to be returned to N.OM. whenever they cannot be sent to the proper member; and a note is to be added, stating the reason why this is necessary.
  3. A time for keeping each message will be written upon each:- any member who causes unnecessary delay will incur the risk of being omitted from the next circulation.
  4. Each member must sign the form and add data of receipt and
    sending on, under a similar penalty on failure to do this duty which is required for the common good.
  5. Do not keep anywhere, the address of the office, written out, or only written in Hebrew.
I - Warning
II - Purity & Will
III - Instructions
IV - Spirit Vision (S.S.D.D. & F.)
V - Imagination
VI - Notes on Flying Roll II (SRMD)
VII - Material Alchymy
VIII - Geometric Pentagram
IX - Right and Left
X - Self Sacrifice
XI - Clairvoyance
XII - Telesmatic Images & Adonai
XIII - Secrecy and Hermetic (Love)
XIV - Talismans and Flashing Tablets
XV - Man and God
XVI - Fama Fraternitatis
XVII - Vault Sides
XVIII - Progress
XIX - Aims and Means
XX - Elementary View of Man
XXI - Know Thy Self
XXII - Question on Free Will
XXIII - Tatwa Visions
XXIV - Horary Figure
XXV - S.S. on Clairvoyance
XXVI - Re Planets to Tatwas
XXVII - Bullock on Theurgia
XXVIII - Use of Implements in Divination
XXIX - Order by D.D.E.F. as to 4 Lieutenants
XXX - Tatwas & Hierophant making 0=0 Sign
XXXI - Ethiopic Letters
XXXII - Theban Letters
XXXIII - Enoch Vision
XXXIV - An Exorcism by S.S.
XXXV - Notes on the Exordium of the Z Ritual
XXXVI - Skrying and Astral Projection