Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn

In Pat Zalkewsi's new book, entitled "Alchemy and Golden Dawn Ritual", Pat Zalewksi sets forth that there are two kinds of alchemy, practical alchemy in the laboratory as opposed to what Mr. Zalewski calls "spiritual alchemy." Zalewski argues that so-called "Practical Alchemy" historically preceded what he calls "Spiritual Alchemy". In making these odd distinctions, Pat Zalewksi proves beyond the shadow of any doubt that he is most certainly not an initiate of either Hermetic or Rosicrucian alchemy, since the first law of alchemy that even any Neophyte among true alchemical initiates understands, is the "Unitary Theory," namely:

"All is ONE."

One ramification of this law is that there is only one alchemy in the same manner that there is only one energy. Anyone who sets forth that there are two separate kinds of alchemy, clearly has not understood even alchemy's most basic and fundamental law.

But what is this strange "Spiritual Alchemy" that Pat Zalewski has newly invented for the Golden Dawn? Zalewksi writes on page 25 that: "The spiritual side of alchemy departs somewhat from Carl Jung's psychological approach to alchemy."

But wait ...

There's more!

Since Pat Zalewksi is clearly an academic reconstructionist in regard to not only to the Golden Dawn but also in regard to Hermetic alchemy, one would expect that Zalewksi would at least rely heavily on the texts and images of classical alchemy in piecing together his Frankenstein's monster. 

Pat Zalewski and his "Spiritual Alchemy" Creation

Instead, however, Zalewksi not only conflates alchemy with Jungian psychology as espoused by, for example, Fabricus and von Franz, but he continues to mix even this up hopelessly with New Age material channeled by Kevin Ryerson from a New Age entity called "Guru Das."

Mr. Zalewksi then goes on to attempt to illuminate Golden Dawn ritual with this freshly cooked "Spiritual Alchemy," which in reality is nothing more than Pop Psychology blended with New Age channelled nonsense....

And all of this certainly has nothing at all to do with either the Hermetic or Rosicrucian initiatic alchemical traditions, nor even with the Golden Dawn.

Pat Zalewski's New Age, Channelled Alchemical Master, which he and Kevin Ryserson call:

Guru Das

The Golden Dawn and the Hermetic anc Rosicrucians do not need either New Age gurus or Pat Zalewksi to invent Hermetic alchemy. The Hermetic alchemical tradition stand on their own merits already as the crown of the Hermetic, Rosicrucian, and Golden Dawn traditions! One merely needs the initiatic keys to unlock their mysteries. Otherwise, the risk is great to remain lost in the alchemical labyrinth of delusion and intellectual gyration, as clearly Pat Zalewksi is about alchemy.


  Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn