Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn

This is a reprint with some additions to the book that one of the Founders of the Golden Dawn and others had written and been previously published under the name of Astral Projection, Ritual Magic, and Alchemy. The book is comprised of the Flying Rolls that were given out as additional lessons for those in the grade of Adeptus Minor. The foundations of the Golden Dawn teachings are here along with some missing documents that have surfaced.

For all of those who find the teachings and western system of the historic and true Golden Dawn to be their path, this is a great book not only dealing with historical documents of the First Golden Dawn members but will find it applicable to the contemporary Golden Dawn teachings.

There is an extensive amount of information on all types of subjects. For example, there are many Flying Rolls that concern astral projection. Remember that these techniques were given to high-grade members of the original Golden Dawn, who had attained an established base of knowledge and practical work prior to receiving these works.

I would not recommend this book to a beginning practitioner of the Golden Dawn system, but suggest it highly to those who have been doing the "work" for a while. Add this book to your magical collection and I promise you will never be sorry.


  Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn