Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn

Here is yet another informative book by the Zalewski's. This book is filled with an enormous amount of information in regard to the Tarot. When searching in London for more information concerning the Golden Dawn and the Tarot last year, I realized that there was an extensive amount of levels of correspondences and correlations I had yet to explore in my personal study of the Book T. Here is an attempt to expand on the information given in the knowledge lectures and Outer Order of the Golden Dawn tradition in addition to that of the Second Order.

An example of this expansion on the material would be: The three, seven and twelve stage system of alchemy that Pat had written about in a prior book of his, The Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn, is the basis for the incorporation of the alchemical color addition to the Minor Arcana. The addition of sound and chakra placement seemed unnecessary to me, but I am sure would appeal to many others.

I had a couple of problems with some of the different ideas that Chris and Pat used in The Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn. As magicians, we always come across differences of opinion and technique as we search for that Stone of the Philosopher. A student of the traditional Golden Dawn will use some of this book and maybe disregard other aspects. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a hunger for more information on the Tarot as used by the Golden Dawn practitioner. The only outrageous part of the book is its price. It is $49.50 for us here in the States, which makes it a very pricey addition to your library!