Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn

The study of Alchemy is an integral part of the Golden Dawn Tradition

In virtually every grade the basics of Alchemy are presented and taught to the student of the Golden Dawn tradition. This prepares the student to embark on serious Alchemical workings in higher grades. In fact, the student who works through the grade structure is placing himself into the Alchemical furnace and is then far more prepared to apply himself to the Great Work in the higher grades.

Most Orders have very large libraries of Alchemical texts available to higher grade members. Many Adepts spend a great deal of time with the texts. Some because they choose to do work with the alembic, flask and furnace, others because they see the wisdom in the formula for personal spiritual transformation.
There is a popular saying: "One can not create beyond oneself". If we are to create the kind of Alchemical stone ,elixirs, medicaments etc. then we must become priceless, less we practice chemistry instead of Alchemy.

In all things seek the true stone, the Stone of the Wise.


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